Style Edit: What’s in my (mum) bag

Since becoming a mum I have been on the search for a new tote style bag that can fit my every day essentials. Of course, Evie has her own changing backpack, but I have found that I’ve gained even more things in my personal handbag that I now ‘need’ for every day. 

Finally, I have found the perfect tote bag! Gifted from the lovely team at Azurina*, this beautiful tan tote bag has been personalised with gold lettering embossed into the soft leather with my initials. 

The sizing of the bag is perfect for what I am looking for; and it could also be used for fitting in your laptop, iPad or as an overnight bag (depending on how much you pack). 

With that in mind, here are my every day things (excluding my phone, purse and keys) that I like to carry in my mum bag. 

1. Lip Balm - Since giving birth I have found that my lips are really dry. The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm has been my every saviour and I carry it everywhere with me! 

2. Hair Bands - Evies favourite thing to do at the minute is to hold onto my hair like reins when I hold her. So I’m always carrying hair bands with me to throw my hair up and to try and keep it out of her little paws. 

3. New Mum Note Book and Pen - We were bought this book as a baby gift and it’s honestly amazing. It’s filled with motivation quotes, milestones and advice, as well as being able to write down each day with your baby, so you can keep track of everything. 

4. Ray Ban Sunglasses - For days when it’s sunny and for days when you look like a walking mombie (zombie mum) from being up all night with your buba. 

5. Spare White Tee - At least 2-3 times a day I will have baby sick on my top. So when I go out and about I take a spare white tee with me in case I get covered in baby sick (or even worse, baby poo...yes this has happened to me).

6. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick - One of my best friends has always said, everything is better with a little Chanel, as she would apply her lipgloss or lipstick; and she’s absolutely right. Wearing a pop of colour on my lips always makes me feel a little more human - especially as my makeup routine these days is mainly mascara, brows and lipstick as that’s all I have time for. 

Whether you’re a mum or not, Id love to hear what your essential bag items are in the comments below. 

If you’d like to browse their beautiful collection of personalised bags from Azurina, then make sure you visit their website (linked above) or their Instagram page @AzurinaStore for inspiration! 

Steph x

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