Becoming a mum.

As I sit here on the balcony of our parents apartment in Beusouli, I’m having one of those moments to reflect on life and the idea of becoming not only a new, but a first time mum later on this year. 

With the birds tweeting and rivers running around me, I feel in a total state of calm as I look out onto the Monaco harbour and ocean beyond that. 

This is the first time I have honestly had the time to think about this huge change that is coming to our lives and it makes me feel a surreal type of happy. 

It’s hard to describe, as I’m now at a stage where I can feel our baby moving in my body and I can feel the connection and love for her starting to grow stronger each day. 

But I also know that with this comes change - exciting, scary and new - in the next year our family and friendships will begin to alter as our priorities take a different road and we will start the next chapter in our lives, as a family. 

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I have known each other for over 13 years and have been in love with each other every single day. My best friends too have been in my life for over 12 years (we’ve also been in love with each other every single day) and so a challenge for me is how to get the right parenting balance.

Sometimes it will be completely off kilter and sometimes it will be just right, but I’m hopeful that we’ll have the love, support and patience of the people that mean a lot to us. 

And as for our baby girl... I honestly can’t wait for you to be apart of our life, to make us a family. A time when we can embrace old and new traditions, adventures and moments together. But most importantly, to shower you with so much love, that you’ll always feel on top of the world. 

Until October, little Cub x 
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