A Marvellous lunch at MEXIco 🌯🌮

Mexican food has definitely within my top three, in fact it’s probably my number one chose of food to eat. From nachos to burritos to quesadillas, I honestly can’t get enough of good Mexican food.

So when we were out and about in Derby, we came across this amazing Mexican Restuarant called MEXICo. With restaurants in Derby, Bedford and Maidstone, they promise to be the home of authentic Mexican cooking which brings diverse flavours from the countries different regions. 

Walking into the restaurant, you’re greeted by rustic woods, pattern tiles and bright pops colour. You’ll also find yourself surrounded by religious statues and colourful skulls, which are symbolic all around Mexico. 

The menu covers a whole range of declious options and we decided to go for the lunch menu. You can opt for two courses for £9.95 or three courses for £11.95. Initially we opted for the three course option, but actually ended up cancelling the third course because we were so full. So down to the good stuff...

To start with I went with the original tex-mex nachos - covered in Mexican queso cheese, avocado, Pico de Gallo sala and jalapeños. Gareth opted for cheese quesadillas - filled with monetery jack cheese, chipotle crema and fresh Pico de Gala sala. 

At this point we were already pretty stuffed, but then can our next course. A beef and chicken burrito, both stuffed with Mexican rice, pinto beans, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. 

The service in the restaurant was also brilliant - incredibly friendky and gave recommendations on things we could love. We’ll definitely be coming back here for food again.
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