Ibiza Sunsets at Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo

It's one of this iconic 'summer' images, groups of people gathered together on a beach watching the sunset in Ibiza. When speaking to friends who had been as couples or with friends, they all said that this was one thing that was as beautiful as looking at the picture.

Seeing as this was my first trip to Ibiza, I a few read different travel blogs on the best way to experience this. We were staying at the Club Bahamas Hotel in Playa d'en bossa which was south of San Antonio. I soon discovered that Ibiza is not a huge island, but it can be pretty expensive to get around. 

To take taxi from our location would have taken around 25 minutes and cost between €25-30. Depending on your budgets, I would say that this is probably a good idea if you're travelling more in a group, so the cost is split four ways. 

Ibiza Disco Bus Timetable

Another option if you're on more of a budget or don't want to splash out on a taxi is to take the Ibiza 'Disco Bus' which runs from 4pm until 7am and will essentially take you around the island for €3.50 one way. 

Being the tight travellers that we are, we opted for the Disco Bus, mainly to also see what kind of atmosphere it had.  Spoiler Alert ~ Essentially, it's an everyday bus that plays a dance music on its radio. However, the journey was pretty quick and door to door took us around 30-40 minutes to get to San Antonio bus station. 

From here we walked 10 minutes towards the beach front to soak up the vibes of Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo

Both of the restaurants were a little empty when we arrived at 6:00pm, so we went to a bar around the corner for €3 beers where we watched more and more people start to arrive to enjoy the sunset. 

As the chilled out Ibiza music pumped from the cafes, we noticed that people were also bringing drinks from the local supermarket to sit on the rocky beach in front of Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo. 

Ibiza has such a laid back, hippy vibe to it and I loved that fact that it didn't really matter where your drink was from; as it was all about everyone getting together to watch he beautiful sunset. 

Looking out onto the horizon, it seemed that everyone has paused for a moment in time. Boats, para-gliders, people had all stopped to immerse themselves in such a natural beauty. 

Once the sunset was down, the chilled out vibe still continued as everyone sat drinking beers or cocktails and talking throughout the night. If you're planning on taking a trip to Ibiza, then I recommend taking a trip to this little piece of paradise. 
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