3 ways to relax and unwind

Whether it's a busy work load, a changing stage in your life or the effects of what's happening in the world are weighing down on your shoulders, we all need to take some time to relax and unwind.

For some it could be an hour in the bath listening to your favourite album. For others this could be a getaway to a reclusive beach somewhere. But whatever your 'relaxation' time is, it's important to make sure that we have time put aside to do this. 

I'm as guilty as anyone for constantly checking my phone to see what's happening on social media or in the news or simply getting lost on the YouTube loop of videos. Hours can go by and I'm like how the hell did that happen. 

Having spent a week in relaxation, I am going to try and follow these three things to help me relax a little more. 

Getting out in nature 

Throughout this summer, we made a conscious effort to spend time by the water - either on the beach or by the lake. Mainly because we don't have a beach close enough to us to enjoy it this much. When we're at home, we tend to go on walks through woodlands and alongside canals, which is always calming. 

Talking to someone in person 

Personally, small talk is one of my pet hates. I love talking to people and sharing stories, so the idea of someone clock watching or just waiting for the next person to come along to have a meaningless conversation with jars with me a little. 

Speaking to a friend or family member in person or on the phone can build a relationship further and leave you feeling happy to get things off your chest or just simply catching up on life. 

Reading Positivity  

Image Credit: Etsy

As we all know, the vast majority of media will report on negativity, from Brexit to war, they induce a fear in people the world is always going to end. 

On the other hand, things such as the tragic terrorist attacks across the world are something that effect us all deeply and we can't help but feel emotion and sadness for the innocent people involved. 

To quote Albus Dumbledore (massive Harry Potter geek I know): Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one simply remembers to turn on the light. 

There are so many blogs out there, but I mainly read Humans of NY on Instagram. Each day they share an inspirational (something's dark) story of a real person overcoming, helping or achieving simple things in their life. 

Another, blog I read is Think Simple Now. This shares real and personal stories around mindfulness, sociability, and self-development.
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