My New Year’s Resolution - To look after me.

As we kick off 2017, I'm hoping that this year will be full of more travel adventures, a little less iconic people dying and a time where I, for once, feel well and truly settled in my life. Which is way my New Years - not really a resolution - but a view is to look after me.

My goal is to be back in a place of overall happy wellbeing, like I was in 2015. With that in mind, I am using the John Lewis Wellbeing* hub to help me find all the things I need to feel fitter, recharged and nourished.

Step One: Feel Fitter

I've always liked going to the gym, but during the winter months my motivation can be swayed and so I recently joined up to take part in classes with my aunty.

From Yoga-lates to Zumba, I have found that it doing a class has not only inspired me to get back into my fitness routine, but it has also pushed me beyond my usual limits of the gym.

Step Two: Feel Nourished 

A few years ago, I followed Weight Watchers and lost nearly two stone in weight. Since then I have become complacent and have found that this weight has slowly crept back on, which is such a shame.

Therefore, I'm back on it when it comes to healthy eating. No fads, no restrictions just good old portion control and lots more colourful vegetables on my plate. But also to drink more water, at home and at work. I'm going to take a water bottle to work so that I can see how much I'm drinking and also keep a large bottle in my fridge.

Step Three: Feel Relaxed

Relaxation and being more mindful of your self is something that people often forgot to do - myself included.

It's important to put down your phone for 30 minutes and just take some you time to clear your mind and think about anything and everything that comes into your mind. Once a week, I run myself a bath using my favourite bath products, light scented candles and have my iPad set up to watch my favourite films, putting me into utter relaxation mode.

So there you have it, three steps to helping me towards my New Year view. I'd love to hear what you're planning on doing for 2017.

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