Like to plant my feet on the Brooklyn Bridge

It's one of those iconic New York landmarks that costs absolutely nothing to do, walking along the Brooklyn Bridge. This monumental suspension bridge connects you from the ultra-chic Manhattan to the uber-cool Brooklyn and boasts some pretty impressive views along the way. 

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge can take anything between 30 minute to 60 minutes, depending on how many times you want to stop to take in the breathtaking sights or capture a cheeky photo opportunity. Just remember to watch out for the cycle lane - stupidly, I nearly found myself ran down by an angry cyclist trying to get to work - it was totally my fault.  

Our spot on the Brooklyn Bridge... I'm sure most people who have visited the Brooklyn Bridge will have their spot, a moment in time where they captured a memory or piece of happiness. For us it's the second arch in; back in 2013 we had just purchased my beautiful engagement ring from Macys and made our way to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. We decided to add our travel padlock, with hundreds of other padlocks, to the metal barriers. A way to symbolise our big USA adventure coming to an end and we were about to embark on a completely new one - married life.

Being back here, in a different mind frame and life stage still felt as incredible then, as it did three years ago. To be back in our moment.
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