How to stay hydrated when flying

Today we will embark on our epic Taylor Family road trip to California. So much time and planning has gone into this adventure and we can't waiting to pick up our cars and drive down the west coast. But, before all the fun stuff can happen, we need to take the first steps on getting to there - taking our eleven hour flight to San Francisco.

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Flying is probably one of the most draining experiences for me, and as thankful and happy as I am to be venturing to a new place, my skin and body often feels pretty depleted. Having had my far share of plane journeys, I now understand that this is simply down t a lack of hydration and so here's my tips on how to keep hydrated when flying.

1. Carry an empty water bottle

Most airports will have a drinking water fountain at some point throughout the airport. I always kept an empty water bottle with me when going through security and when we're in the departures lounge I can fill / refill it before getting on our flight.  

2. Moisturiser Goals

When boarding the flight, I like to have fresh, clear skin so that I can apply my moisturiser before, during and towards the end of my flight. 

Moisturisers:1. Benefit b.right Total Moisture Facial Cream / 2. Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer / 3. Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvinating Moisturiser

3. Make Up Essentials

I know that makeup when flying has mixed opinions from lots of people. Personally, I like to add a little light makeup, at the end of my flight, so that my skin doesn't feel too clogged up when flying. Often, I'll opt for a tinted moisturiser like the NYX one above and a tinted balm.

In-flight Makeup: 1. NYX Tinted Moisturizer / 2. Benefit Posiebalm Lip Balm / 3. Clinique all About Eyes Concealer all Skin Types
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