Taking some 'me' time to rethink, recoup and rediscover

I want to start this blog post by saying, it feels good to be back. Over the past few months, my life feels like it has been chaotic with work, travel and buying our first home - the last point has probably been the busiest. 

But with that all that in mind, it has meant that I haven't had the time to just sit and down and share my adventures with you all; which left me feeling very mixed emotions of what do I even do with my blog?, does anyone care? etc etc. 

But then I took some time to...rethink

I started thinking about the reasons why I started blogging six years ago...it wasn't for fame or recognition, it was because I loved talking about my adventures and hearing other people share theirs. This was my thing and a way to capture the amazing moments in my life. 

Starting to think in this mind frame, I began to recoup my thoughts on what and why I would continue blogging. 

It doesn't need to be something I do each day, week, month, but when I feel the time is right. When I had experienced an amazing adventure or been inspired from something I had read.

To rediscover the how, what, when and why, I started to look at the adventures that I have collected up over the past few months - from my summer trip to Monaco to new food places to my upcoming trip to California - I feel in a place where I can start to talk about the things I love again. 

For me the most important learning from all of this is - yes it's wonderful that so many of you come to read my blog each day - but this is my blog and it makes me feel happy.
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