New York from up above

There's no denying the beauty that is New York City - especially when your viewing it from up above. 

From roof top bars to city skyscrapers, there are so many ways for you to get above the city and see the somewhat chaotic life of New Yorkers pass right under you. But we opted for the old fashioned tourist way and paid a trip up the Empire State Building

Built in the art-deco era of the 1930's, this 102 story skyscraper offers some of the best views in NYC. Standing at 381m it was definielty a highlight for me and my parents on our trip to New York.

Gazing out onto - what felt like - a never ending see of buildings you also feel a strange sense of calm whist watching the world go by. I think my favourite view had to be looking into downtown Manhatten and seeing the river meet the buildings.  

If you're planning a trip up here, I would recommend taking at least an hour to make your way through security and get up to the Observatory Deck. Tickets cost $32 for an adult and it is open until 2am in the morning - now that I didn't know. Could you imagine how NYC would look at 2am?!

But of course, no Taylor travel adventure would be complete without our travelling chimp - Gratziolli LaSenza. This little guys has been all around the world with us and has seen more countries than some chimps would ever dream off :)

I'd like you all to welcome him to my blog...and maybe give him a banana if you're feeling kind.
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