In a city of blinding lights | NYC at night

From twilight to night time, New York is one of my favourite places to experience this transitional time of day. As the has just set, the lights of this amazing city move from a soft glow to a shining beacon - which can also apparently be seen from space. 

We started out around Radio City, as we went to grab our tickets for going to the Top of the Rock and made our way back to Times Square for food.

Time Square is just one of those places where you feel a consistent pulse of energy - especially at night time. 

I remember being in New York for the first time and experiencing it at midnight. The atmosphere was electric with people getting selfies. people in costumes and people shopping until the early hours of the morning. I think the big H&M store and Forever 21 are even open until 1am or 2am. 

But then there is experiencing New York - from up above - at night time, which is pretty spectacular. With nothing but a sea of twinkling lights in front of you, for me this has to be going up to the top of Rockefeller Center.
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