The importance of a good bra

Whilst out shopping with my friend, we were trying on summer clothes in H&M. As I paraded around in a linen vest San jeans that I wanted for my trip to NYC, my friend noticed that my bra looked a bit of an odd shape and questioned if I was wearing the right bra?!

I'd noticed a few weeks earlier that my bra felt a little fuller in the cup area and passed it off as nothing more than just being a bit 'hormonal' and perhaps bloated. 

After searching online to find a store that offered bra fittings in store, I decided to go to my local Bravissimo store (who for from a D cup and up) to use their sit and wait service. I was greeted by the lovely Rebecca who showed me how to properly wear a bra (this sounds crazy I know). She gave me the 'fitting bra' (which was actually really pretty) to try on to establish what back and cup size I was.

To my surprise, I was actually wearing a bra that was 3 cup sizes too small and my back had reduced from a 34 to a 32 inch. I've never been someone with "big boobs" and I still don't consider myself that - but Rebecca told me that its not about the 'size' it's about the right support and as a result you have a great looking cleavage. 

When I left the store, I immediately went shopping for more everyday bras to get me by. 

Whilst looking around, I also found that a lot of retailers cater for bobbies of all sizes A-G.

ASOS Fuller Bust / Boux Avenue DD+ Range / Bravissimo / M&S DD+ Lingerie Sets / Next DD+ Bra Collection

I am the only one not wearing the right bra size? 

During my new bra search, I discovered that around 80% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size for them. But then this doesn't surprise me, who knows how to measure themselves or better yet, where to go? 

To my knowledge M&S, Bravissimo and Boux Avenue all have brilliant in store services - but is that really it? What about Debenhams, John Lewis; even Topshop or New Look - a place where so many women, from teen to mid thirties, go to shop for their underwear. 

Let me know in the comments below if you know of any other stores that offer bra fittings for women... Together we can help each other out :) 
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