#PetalParty in the streets of London

It had been a week of very mixed weather, from snow to rain to sunshine, it was time for the outdoor #PetalParty hosted by Boots.

Located in quaint hidden street St Christopher's Place, just off Covent Garden, over 3 million petals were boosted into the air, whilst Lauren Pope (TOWIE star) DJed the whole event, as people danced underneath the petals! 

And why is this prettiness happening?! I hear you ask, well it's actually to raise the awareness of nighttime hayfever. During the day time, pollen rises and then begins to drop at night causing a combination of sneezing and insomnia aka 'in-sneezia'. Crazy ey?! 

Luckily these petals weren't all real and had people dancing, snapchatting and celebrating the night away. 
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