Tasty (and slightly unusual) drinks from around the world.

From beers at the baseball to cocktails in the city, every adventure for me is about experiencing the local food and drink – especially when these drinks involve good friends and a sunny beach.

So, when the guys over at dealchecker* shared their 21 unusual drinks from around the world with me, I began thinking about some of my favourite travel memories that involved a tipple or two.

1.Bubble Gum Ales in Brooklyn

Whilst exploring Brooklyn, we paid a visit to the Brooklyn Brewery to experience some of their home brewed ales and their ‘special addition ales’ that are one off products. We were able to taste their bubble gum ale – tasty, but deadly.

2. Vanilla Vintage Whiskey in Edinburgh 

When visiting Edinburgh for the weekend last year, we decided to go along to the Scotch bar inside the Balmoral hotel to sample their collection of vintage and malt whiskeys. My favourite was a Vanilla blend that was served with almonds to enhance the flavour.

3. The Guifity Challenge in Honduras 

Image Credit: hondurasgapyear.wordpress.com 

If you ever venture to the (crazy) island of Utila in Honduras, you will find cheap Tequila and a drink that I still to this day can only describe as a spiced rum on steroids. If you can drink four of these ‘special shots’ in the Guifiti challenge then you get a free t-shirt – you would not believe how many people have one of these (and semi-permanent memory loss the following day).

But if you think that some of these sound a different, then here are some more bizarre drinks that the dealchecker team have found.

The USA bacon vodka one is probably one that I will look to try! I think the salty, harshness may be a nice combo?! I’ll keep a look out for this on my trip back over to the New York in May. Stay tuned.

Just a little personal note from me, please remember to drink responsibly, no matter where you are in the world. Safety first :)
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