*Zaap* Bringing Thai Street Food to Nottingham

You don't need to give me an excuse to visit a place that promises good Thai food - especially when it promises to be just like being within the hustle and bustle of a Thai street market.

Standing outside of the bright neon sign of Zaap, we could instantly see the that there had been a lot of thought and effort put into this place to give it a true authenticity.

From a tuk-tuk seating to hanging street signs. This place really does give you a sense of what it would be like to be in a Thai street market. 

Making our way to our (sadly not into a tuk-tuk) table, we ordered two beer Laos and some Thai crackers with sweet chilli dip whilst looking at what the menu had to offer. 

From dim sum to noodle dishes to soup, there was a whole host of dishes to try from around £5-£15 (obviously, not quite as cheap as eating in an actual Thai street market, but still it's a nice novelty to have). 

All of the food is cooked in big open kitchen, which I loved, as you could see all the different ways the dishes were prepared and the extra touches they had.  

To start with, we opted for the chicken satays with a peanut sauce. These tasted so good and the sauce was just so tasty! For our mains, I went with a prawn pad-Thai, whilst Gaz opted for the Gang Massaman curry with chicken. 

Overall, the service was brilliant and very quick. We were always asked how everything was and if we needed anything else. The food was yummy, but personally I much preferred Thaikun, a very similar style of restaurant, which has also recently opened in Nottingham. 

However saying that, Zapps environment and setting gives it a kooky edge. These will both be two of my new favourite restaurants to spend time with my friends.
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