Home Ramblings: Cosy Winter Must-Haves

Despite the winter months having numerous downsides - cold, dark and (sometimes) snowy - I like to always try my best to keep a positive mind. I have previously spoke about ways to find your winter wellbeing, but I also like to surround myself with cosy items in my apartment, whilst relaxing with a good night of Netflix and a warm drink.

Whilst browsing through my Pinterest and We Heart It accounts, I recently cross some winter-spiration for things that I can add to my home.

Image Credits: We Heart It
After lusting after all of the items from these images, I may have also had a little online shop for a few key items to add to my home.

Cosy Winter Must-Haves

From comfy jumpers to fluffy socks, one thing I do want to highlight is the Woodwick candles. I first saw these when visiting one of my good friends houses back in December.

I could hear the sound of wood burning like on a traditional camp fire and wondered where the noise was coming from. She then pointed out that it was the Woodwick candle making the noise - because the wick is a cross shape, it give off the sound of burning wood.

Perfect for the winter feeling!
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