Christmas Wishes | My Top 6 Luxury Gifts

It'd the most wonderful time, of the yearrr!! This year I am so excited to celebrate my first Christmas as an married lady. As our family traditions merged together for the first time last year, we are now so excited at the idea of making our own for next year.

I've also been keeping a look out for some special Christmas wishes, that would be a wonderful surprise under my Christmas tree (Santa, I hope you're listening hehe).

Christmas Wishes

1. Victoria Secret Pajamas 

Victorias Secret Pajama

I love love love Victoria Secret Pajamas at the moment. Since, buying my first pair in Miami over two years ago, I'm always on the look out for pair to add to my collection. 

2. Chanel Chance Collection 

Since discovering and wearing this as my wedding day perfume, I can not get enough of this entire collection of Chanel chance perfumes. From sweet to floral to fresh, they suit a range of preferences.

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3. Charlotte Tilbery Love

The lovely IntheFrow introduced me to Charlotte Tilbery beauty and make up collection, when it was just a small concessions in the Manchester Selfridges. Now she has her first super glamours boutique store in London, because let's face it, from the luxurious golf packaging to the how-to look packs, we all love a bit of Charlotte Tilbery. 

4. Jo Malone Gift Sets

From Pomegranate Noir to Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Jo Malone is a shopping experience that has always resulted in wonderful memories with my best friends. So, I like to have these scents in my home, like their candles, diffusers and beautiful perfumes. 

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5. Vintage Chanel Necklace - Wild Card!

This is such a wild card wish, I honestly don't think it will ever happen to me (unless I win the lottery) but a girl can certainly dream.

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6. Lindt Chocolate

Probably one of my favourite chocolate choices (their sea salt chocolate is insanely good), but when it comes to Christmas novelties, no one does it better than Lindt. Let's just admire this little video that they create.

Follow the story of Lindt Teddy as he's lovingly crafted by our Master Chocolatier and sent on the magical journey home to his family at Christmas. How will you bring the magic home this Christmas?
Posted by Lindt Chocolate - UK on Friday, November 27, 2015

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So there you have it, whatever you get this Christmas, I hope that you have a wonderful one.
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