Finding perfect Christmas gifts at #EtsyMadeLocal

From my custom G/T disc necklace to my grey 'wifey' t-shirt, it's safe to say that I am a HUGE fan of Etsy and all of the beautiful, hand crafted products and unique sellers that they have on their website.


So when I saw one of my friends posting about attending the Nottingham event of Esty Made Local*, I was gutted to realise that I be visiting my beloved Manchester that week to see the Christmas markets.

However, it's not just my lovely little Nottingham that is hosting this wonderful event - sadly there's not one happening in Manchester - but you can find them in other major cities like Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff are to name a few (click here all locations).

The day is aimed to show you all the wonderful local sellers that you just may be buying your Esty from. But also, with the date being the first ( and in my eyes, Christmas shopping) weekend in December, what a perfect way to pick up some beautiful bespoke Christmas gifts for your loved ones. 

Personally, I haven't begun my Christmas shopping yet, but I figure that here is a pretty good place to start. Here's a few of my favourites for my family and friends (and maybe myself hehe).

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