72 Hours in Berlin: Part Three

It was, sadly, our final day of the 72 hours in Berlin. We'd had such an amazing time - especially my dad revisiting the places that he grew up - that we decided to go back to the iconic Check Point Charlie and East Berlin to catch up on what we had to miss the day before - due to running out of time.

Starting off with a hearty breakfast, we then checked out of our wonderful hotel (Holiday Inn, Alexander Platz) and make our way back on to the hop-on-hop-off bus - seeing as we didn't have to be picked up until 3pm.

We decided that it would also be lovely to see all of the sites again but rather than jump off the bus, we stayed on until we finally made our way to Check Point Charlie. The government buildings were so beautiful, set against their autumnal backgrounds.

This one definitely another one of my favourite things to see in Berlin. From the start of Check Point Charlie, there is a long photographic wall that shows the timeline of what happened since the wall was built in 1961. On the other side, it tells you about all of the 'cover ups' that happened whilst their was the Berlin divid. My favourite historical (and slightly humorous) moment was the big USA vs. Russia tank-off. 

All around this area was remains of the Berlin wall, some use it as artwork on buildings and some standing tall out of ground. It was amazing to get a glimpse of what life would have once been like for East vs. West Berlin. My dad told us that when he was a child growing up here, he could often here the gunfire from soliders and people trying to cross the wall - pretty scary. 

With time catching up with us, we began to make our way back to the hotel, where our Hoppa was waiting to take us back to good old Blighty. Thank you Berlin for an absolutely awesome weekend. 
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