How to avoid getting ill in Egypt

Not matter who you talk to about travelling to Egypt, India or Mexico. You will always hear of a story of someone who suffered an upset stomach, aka sickness and diarrhea from visiting a country with an infamous reputation for their food and water. 

Previously, I have posted a really helpful infographic on what water to drink in each country and the precautions that you need to take with this. 

But after returning Egypt, where I didn't suffer an issues, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the tips and advice given to us by the locals. 

1. Avoid sugary drinks in the day 

This was probably the best piece of advice we were given. I did have a day when my tummy began to rumble and it was because I had only drank sugary (lemonades, cokes etc) drinks throughout the day. It wasn't until another traveller highlighted to me the amount of sugar and lack of water my body was getting, it was no wonder my stomach was doing somersaults. 

From there onwards, I only drank bottle water throughout the day and I actually felt so much better and more hydrated for it. 

2. Have a big spoonful of honey 

In Egypt they have two types of honey. Black honey and white honey (which is the same golden honey we have at home). It was advised by the local water to have a big spoonful of this and some natural yoghurt in the morning. 

Mainly because honey acts as an antiseptic for your tummy and natural yoghurt helps to organise your good and bad bacteria in your stomach. 

I opted for this with fresh fruit and oats every morning - plus the honey was so scrumptiously thick, you could almost chew it! 

3. Don't use the tap water 

This seems like a no brainier, but the amount of times I've done simple things like rinse my toothbrush in local tap water and got very sick from it. Unless it is safe, then try to avoid drinking local water. 

4. Check what's been washed in water

I got so ill in Mexico City because I stupidly forgot about the ice in my drink. But there's so many other things that can be made or washed with local water - salad, ice, drinks, ice creams. Make sure you ask or know how to say, no ice. 

5. Take a back up

I always have a childish giggle to myself when going into a pharmacy to buy diarrhea and sickness tables - but at the end of the day you need to be prepared for these things.

Regardless of my adventure, I'll always take with me alcasalzer salts, sickness and diarrhea tablets and ibuprofen to help bring down any fever.

So, there you have it. My preventative tips and advice on not to get sick in Egypt and other countries. I hope this helps

If you're reading this with an upset tummy, then I could highly recommend speaking to a doctor or pharmacy if your symptoms have been happening for more than a day, as I am obliviously no doctor and just to be on the safe side of things. 

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