Halloween Movie Nights

With crispy orange and red leafs falling from the trees and landscapes becoming more golden by the day, it's my favourite time of the year - Autumn (or Fall)! There's so many amazing events that happen this time of year - Goosefair, Bonfire Night and Halloween.

So the guys over at Ocean Finance* asked me what my favourite way to celebrate Halloween was, I instantly replied with a scary movie night - of course. I love nothing more than getting in spooky treats, cuddling up to Gaz and scaring myself silly with films that will give me nightmares for days.

So after getting some serious Pin-spiration from DIY Halloween movie nights, I decided to host my own.

To kick start our Halloween movie night, we decided to make 'Fingers with blood sauce' (aka hot dogs with ketchup).

This was then followed by a chocolate eyeballs, Reese's Pieces and popcorn, as I decided to brave it and watch some Halloween Classics - Hocus Pocus, Carrie and The Devils Rejects.

Whatever you're doing this Halloween, I hope it's spook-tacular.
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