Wonderland in Wales

It was a weekend to celebrate one of my closest friends birthday parties. When she told us that her family rented a remote cottage in North Wales for the bank holiday weekend, we'd always been pretty intrigued as to this mysterious place. But this year we finally got to visit and enjoy a pretty awesome Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.

Located near Gwynedd, I attempted my first 'big drive' since passing my driving test and after 6 hours (with a few breaks in between) we made our way off the beaten track and up towards a topsy-turvy hill that was full of roaming sheep and beautiful landscape.

When we reached the top of the hill, we discovered the theatrical looking yellow and green top tent - because everyone has a top tent knocking about, but my friends uncle works in the theatre and knows a few people.

After setting up our tent for the weekend, our group (of around 30 people) gathered together to sing along to music and chow down on a big pasta dish. The next morning, we woke up bright and early to help set up 'wonderland' before the final guests arrived for the main nights antics.

Once we had made the final costume touches, it was time for the Mad Hatter, the white rabbit and of course, Alice, to arrive so that we could celebrate our adventure into Wonderland.

Once we were all gathered together, the story of Alice in Wonderland began and we made our way down the rabbit hole to begin our alcohol-infused adventures.

What's that I hear you say? Why did you dress up as? The Tweedle T(aylor)'s of course (and next to us is the Tweedle B's).

Inside the tent was filled with colourful fairy lights, bubble machines and huge Cheshire cat faces with upside down umbrellas hanging from the roof - a place fit for any Wonderland. But before the night was over, we were also treated to the Mad-hatters amazing fireworks display,

By far this was the weirdest, but most wonderful camping / birthday party I had ever been too.
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