Birthday Beers and Deliveroo

It's my party and I'll Deliveroo if  want to, Deliveroo if I want to. (Sorry I couldn't resist this cheesy pun) But yes, it is or was (depending on when you're reading this) my birthday and what better way to begin my birthday celebrations with beers and a great curry. 

After a long day at work, and with additional birthday celebrations in London to uphold at the weekend, I decided to keep it simple and head to one of my favourite Nottingham bars, Junkyard, to enjoy some of their local beers, before settling down to watch my new Netflix obsession, Gotham, and order from one of my favourite curry houses, Tamatanga

A place which I have recently spoken about on ETL, but tonight I was ordering through my new found delivery service, Deliveroo. I had previously looked into ordering through these guys after my bestie, IntheFrow, told me about her new found love for it  whilst living in London. 

Basically, you can order from your favourite local restaurants, right to your house - you don't even need to get dressed up! Just type in your post code and time you'd like your food (we opted for asap) and you're given a list of local restaurants who can deliver within that time frame. 

From Barburrito to Tamatanga to Manga Sushi, on Deliveroo Nottingham* you'll find a whole host of amazing Nottingham foodie places through their app or website. As this was our first time ordering with them (and we were out enjoying real ales) we ordered through the website. 

Within 30 minutes our food was waiting for us at the door and here's a little sneak peek into our wonderful food. 

In terms of cost, there is a small delivery charge of £2.50, but the prices of food still remain the same as if you were to walk into the restaurant itself. 

All in all, a pretty amazing start to my birthday celebrations. 
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