Tapas de le Día at BarEsca

Since my trip to Barcelona with my wonderful Hens, I have been craving good tapas food, seeing as this is pretty much what we are 90% of the time. (Not that I'm complaining. 

So when a work colleague suggested, who had also recently been to Barcelona, suggested a new Tapas restaurant in Nottingham called BarEsca. After sampling it out with a few people from work, I dragged my beloved husband back at the weekend to sample their menu and fantastic menu de le día for £9.95. 

Inside the decor claims an authentic Spanish influence, with terricota pots, exposed brick and little hid away spots. 

Not to mention the cellar opens up at 
night as a live music venue. 

But now, onto the grub. The media de Mia is probably one the best value for food/money that I've ever had. 

Up for is a warm flat bread with home made honours and carrot and coriander dip. Then you're given the option to choose from two tapas and a side. These range from meat, seafood and vegetable tapas with 4-5 choices on each. 

I opted for a fresh tuna salad, selection is Spanish meats and patas bravas. YUM! Gaz chose deep fried squid, meatballs and patas bravas. 

Dessert was a choice of coffees or teas, followed by a peace of homemade peanut butter cake with jam on the top.

All in all, the perfect afternoon lunch. 
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