Lazy Beach Days in Hurghada, Egypt

Sure, I love exploring temples, finding local markets and climbing active volcanoes (yes, I actually did this in Antigua) but sometimes we all just need to sit back and relax. 

To be thankful and mindful of those little moments where you can sit back, relax and just gaze at the beautiful bright blue skin above you, listening to your favourite songs. 

And today's post is just about that. 

Whilst on my honeymoon, I tried to create the perfect balance of exploring pyramids and tombs with relaxing, lazy beach days. 

Sitting back with a nice cold beer, watching the waves come in and reading my book - leaving me feeling rejuvenated and inspired for my return home.

On reflection, I've got so many new and exciting projects coming up over the next few months - including searching for our first home (to buy), a new marketing job at a major beauty brand and another surprise trip booked in for my papa turning the big 50. 

At the moment life is good and I truly hope that you all have something wonderful to look forward to - no matter how big or small. 
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