Morning markets at La Boqueria | Barcelona

Whilst visiting Barcelona, we just had to pay a visit to the famous La Boqueria market to sample some of the local fresh meats, seafood and fruits before taking them on a picnic down by the marina. 

Open from 8am until 8:30pm there is nothing that this market doesn't have to offer for food and drinks choices. You'll find this little (that's a slight understatement) market just off La Rambla and close to the Liceu metro stop.

Walking around I fell in love with the bright colours and exciting atmosphere as locals and tourists negotiated with market sellers on their favourite foods. The price of food and drink here was also pretty impressive, when compared the the supermarket up the road.

So what did we buy? Well for 50 euros in total (six of us chipped in) we purchased olives, stuffed cheese peppers, cherries, watermelon, mixed fruit, two pizza/calzonies, Spanish meats, cheese, (alot of) beers, chocolate, soft drinks and honey roasted nuts and cashews - not bad ey? 

In short, another perfect day with my best friends. For more information on Boqueria simply visit
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