Beers and Brisket at the Malt Cross | Nottingham

I’m writing this post with a very full tummy of beef brisket and beer...and where did I receive these marvel delights, you ask? Well good people, tonight I paid a visit to the beautiful, historic Malt Cross pub in Nottingham. 

Located on St James Street, a two minute walk from Nottingham’s Market Square, the Malt Cross is a pretty cool real ale house/dance hall that is tucked away from the main hustle and bustle. It’s important to also bear in mind that this is not just any old real ale boozer – from craft workshops to cave tours, the Malt Cross offers customers little added extras to their experience. 

But as much as a free bunting making class appeals to me (seriously, I can’t get enough of bunting whilst I'm in my bride-to-be mode), tonight we were there to experience the much talked about menu. 

Walking into the building was like stepping back into the 1920/30s, as it is one of the last standing music halls in the UK. First stop was the bar, where we had so many ales to choose from, so naturally I sampled a few before and found our table upstairs to sit down for food.  

Browsing through the regular menu, we both decided to go for the ‘tick sheet’ menu – a simplistic idea, where you tick what meat, side and burger roll/salad you would like. 

I opted for the brisket salad with all of the trimmings and a side of salted wedges. Gaz decided to go with the brisket burger and skinny fries. Something else, which is pretty awesome, is that you can choose as many toppings to go with your burger / salad as possible. 

Washed down with our tasty real ales, I have to say, the overall meal was mouth-wateringly epic and well worth a visit if you’re looking for good humble food and beer. 

Giving something back to the community

Whilst eating our dinner, Gaz made me aware that the Malt Cross also runs a Christian charity service. Every Friday and Saturday night, volunteers head out into the streets of Nottingham to help drunk or/and homeless people get home / find food for night. 

Well I guess that settles it, if you're looking for an all around feel good bar, then this is your place to be. Great food, great people, great place!

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