Summer evening walks in the city

As the summer time light and warmth kicks in, I love nothing more than relaxing in the evening with a walk through the city. I was a big fan of this when I also used to live in Manchester - exploring different routes and places to wind down after a hard day in the office.

No matter how big or small a city, I always believe that there is "your" beautiful place hidden within it. In Manchester, this was walking along the canal towards Castlefield or Salford Quays. In Nottingham, this is down the waterfront, up by the castle and into "The Park" (an affluent part of Nottingham that hosts some of the most beautiful old houses I've ever seen). 

So with my comfy Nikes on I made my way into the city. 

The great thing about also taking a walk in the evening is that it not only helps to clear your mind after a stressful day, but it can be on your own terms - no matter what your fitness level.
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