My Summer Carry-On Essentials

With more travel adventures lined up for this year, it's only a matter of weeks before I embark on #ETLEgypt. But before this epic adventure can begin, I need to contemplate the short and long haul flats that are coming my way.

I'm actually a pretty nervous flyer and so making myself as comfortable as possible before flying is essential for me to have a relaxing flight. 

So when the guys over at Go Travel* sent me a goody box of travel essentials, I was pretty excited to try them out. 

But until then, I thought I'd pull together my favourite carry on pieces for the summer.

Products: World Travel Adaptor / Weight Scales  / Z Zone Ear Plugs / Silky Eye Mask / Bean Snoozer /  Dry Phone / Tori Birch Tote / H&M Scarf / Nivea Lip Butter / L'Oreal Face Cream
I've previously spoke about my must have beauty products for a flight - moisturiser and lip balm are key - but let's get down to the little carry on extras.

1. Don't stress about the weight...

Recently, me and my girls went to Barcelona for my hen party weekend and were all worrying if our carry on luggage would meet the 10kg requirements. This meant us holding our bags on the scales whilst one of us sat on our hands and knees trying to read it. Bottom line, I needed this luggage scale in my life. 

2. Catching some ZZZ's

I always find it helps me to feel much more relaxed and refreshed if I can sleep on the plane - going to sleep also helps me to not think about flying - which in turn relaxes me more. Essentials to achieve this are definitely a comfy bean neck pillow, scarf, soft eye mask and ear plugs! Sweet Dreams. 

3. Keep the things organised and safe.

When going through the airport with travel and you own money, I find it irritating to mix up lots of different coins and notes. So, when I'm not using my waterproof phone case in the water, I like to double it up as a carry on coin purse. 
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