How to Pack for a City Break

Previously, I have given you guys an insight on how to pack your backpack for travelling and how to pack for a short travel trip, but with my Barcelona hen party getting closer, I thought it would be handy to write up a post on how to pack (lightly) for a  city break.

1. Hello Sunshine? Weather Checker

If you're going to a place that is renowned for sunny or chilly weather, start off by checking the weather forecast. This sounds really simple, but I have been caught out so many times on temperature changes. Plus, sandals and rain, do not go well. Head over to Metcheck for more info:

2. Weight Limitations

4, 5, 6 pairs of shoes...we've all been here. There's so much excitement when planning a trip, that you want to pack everything in your wardrobe and forget about the hand or holdall weight limits. Net Flights have a great baggage checker tool on their website: 

3. Get Outfit Inspiration

If any of you have checked our my travel style board on Pinterest, then you will know how much of a fan I am on the 'how to' images for packing lightly. I use these as inspiration to make a list or outfit board, so that I can pack to my best. 

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