Cloudy Days in Sherwood Forest

Since starting a healthier me in January, I just can't get enough of being active. From daily yoga, to going to the gym to taking 10k walks, I find that the more I exercise, the clearer and more focussed I am. 

So, with a lovely bank holiday weekend to fill with activities, we decided to go exploring around the famous Sherwood Forest for 3 hours. Home to Robin Hood and his merry men, but more importantly the major oak. A tree that is now over 800 years old and is always beautiful every time I see it. 

Visiting the forest and centre is free and there's a lovely cafe and visitor centre if you want to stop for a coffee or pick up a souvenir. But we were just more than excited to explore into the woods. Here's a few of my favourite snaps from the day.

For more information on visiting this beautiful national forest pressure, then visit
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