Adventures into the Nottingham Castle & Caves

Spring has officially sprung, which means it's time for us t start taking more and more outdoor adventures. Starting off with a trip to Nottingham castle and their underground cave tour.

Entering the main gate, we purchased our ticket for £10.00. This allowed us to explore inside the castle and museum, but it also covered a tour of the caves situated below Nottingham castle.

Guided by the fair Maid Marion (I kid you not - sometimes you get Robin Hood) you are taken down the side of the castle and begin with looking into the story of Mortimer's hole. From here, the gate is unlocked and you begin your descent into the ancient sandstone caves. 

I love the fact that as we walked through the caves, weaving in and out of day light, we were told old stories about how people tried to invade them and take over the castle. 

As we made our way to the end we found ourselves at the very bottom of the castle. It was hard to believe that we had travelled all of that way.

But conviently we had ended up outside Trip to Jerusalem - the oldest pub in England and perfect excuse for a keeping ale. It's the way Friar Tuck would have wanted it! Find out more on Nottingham Castle at
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