Afternoon treats at Le Chalet | Selfridges

No matter how many times I visit, I always find London such an exciting city to visit. 

A cafe, bar, museum or shop - there's always something new to find here. But then I suppose this is what makes London the capital of our great country - it always needs new and fun things to explore and see. 

So, when catching up with a few of my London besties - we decided to try a new place (to me) for afternoon tea. Le Chatlet Restaurant on the Roof. 

Taking the private lift, located near the channel perfume counter, we went straight up to the restaurant. Walking into the reception, you're greeted by alpine inspired decor - think chunky wood logs, twinkling lights and bare trees. Following the long forest-like corridor, we were all greeted by the friendly concierge, who showed us to our table. 

As you can tell from our sunglasses, it was a perfect day for sitting on the roof and enjoying the winter/spring sunshine. 

Sitting down, there was a range of tantalizing smells in the air, from sweet cakes to rich slow cooked meats (I'm feeling hungry just remembering this). 

Image: Selfridges
Browsing through the beautiful rustic menu, there is an special selection of treats to choose from here. Le Chalet serves up breakfast, mains and sweets (see the full menu here). I have to admit I was tempted by the afternoon tea... From 2pm until 5:30pm you can indulge in an English cream team with freshly baked scones, clotted cream and raspberry jam - YUM!
However, we had just been for brunch with friends at yet the Newman Street Tavern (also amazing, see IntheFrow's post).

So I opted for a 'healthy' hot chocolate made with almond milk and apparently packed with vitamins. Whilst everyone else opted for the 'super' coffees (personally, I am not a coffee drinker).

For the rest of the afternoon, we caught up on all of our life happenings, travel adventures and drooled over the great food arriving at peoples tables. All in all, a great afternoon treat with even greater friends. 
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