Home Ramblings: Chilli Nights with Rekorderlig

It's been so cold here in the UK (yes, I know it's winter), that the idea of anything other than winter comfort food seems out of the question.

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So when I leave work to dark nights and commute home - all I want to do when walking through the door is have my food on the table and a tasty drink in hand. 

With that in mind, may I introduce the amazing slow cooker. A moving in gift from my parents and something I would never think to buy.

Simply prepare your food in the morning, throw it into the slow cooker and voila - you arrive home to an amazing smelling cooked meal. There are endless recipes to make in a slow cooker, all of which you can find here

But today I have decided to make a mouthwatering chilli in mine - with a mango and raspberry Rekorderlig in hand, here's what you need to do.

Step One: Ingredients 

Lots of people I am sure with have their own twist on chilli. From dark chocolate to mango chutney, you will need the basics of 2 cartons of chopped tomatoes, mixed or baked beans (I personally use baked beans as it sweetens the chilli a little), lean beef mince and onions. 

In addition to these basics, I also top up on vegetables like carrots and sweet corn. Even though it's not a traditional recipe, I like to add a twist. 

Once you have chopped all your ingredients, throw up all your vegetables, meat, beans and sauce into the slow cooker.

Step Two: Cooking

The great thing about a slow cooker is that you can is that you can leave it for hours - even overnight - to slow cook your meat to perfection.

Each slow cooker may vary - but mine has three settings; low (up 12 hours), medium (up to 6 hours) and high (up to 3 hours). I set my chilli to cook on a medium setting, so that it would be perfection when I arrived home from work. 

Step Three: Eat and Drink 

After 6 wonderful hours of cooking, our beef mince became soft and tender whilst being enriched with spices and tomato flavours. 

All I had left to do was to boil some rice - which I can only use boil in the bag as normal rice NEVER works for me - and poor myself a drink. 

All in all, the perfect way to spend a winter night at home. 
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