5 films that inspired me to travel

Ask any traveller and I'm sure they will tell you what inspires them to travel. A photo, a book or maybe a film? 

Take UP for example, even though it's a Disney movie, it still makes me feel like you should never give up on your dreams of finding a new place. 

Personally, I watch a lot of films, at home or in the cinema, and so I have gathered a (tiny) handful of films that have influenced my travel over the years. 

Eat Pray Love: 

At a time when I didn't know what or where I wanted to be in my life, I watched the film and read the book of Elizabath Gilbets story. It inspired me so much that from here I continued to travel more of Europe - Italy included - and start my blog to share with you guys. 

Lord of the Rings: 

"Legolas, what do your elf eyes see?" Yes people, welcome to one of the most BEAUTIFUL places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting - New Zealand. After seeing how versatile the land of New Zealand was from (sadly) watching the 1 hour behind the scenes special at the age of 15 - I knew that one day I would have to visit this beautiful place and I did, back in 2009. Would I go back? Absolutely! 

The Beach: 

As a 90s kid my world was Leonardo DiCaprio! Watching The Beach, gave me my first real insight into the ways of travelling - although not entirely accurate, as you become your own traveller. But Thailand (Bangkok especially) seemed like a world of excitement and mystery that I had to explore. Here I am at the Grand Palace back in 09.

Sex and the City: 

Wellllll this is more the TV series than the film and I'm sure that there a million more New York films that have inspired me along the way. But, when first saw Carrie Bradshaw and her 3 best friends run around Manhattan, exploring galleries, restaurants and Central Park - I knew that this was one cosmopolitan city I had to visit.

Priscilla Queen of the Dessert:

This is probably a little bit inappropriate, but when I was a kid (aged 11) me and and mum would watch Priscilla Queen of the Dessert and giggle along. We loved the camp humour and epic sing-a-longs. 

But, I also remember being intrigued at the idea of a place with vibrant cities (when they all set off in Sydney), combined with vast empty and lonely stretches if road (that moment when the bus breaks down in the middle of the outback). Still a great film and a place I loved visiting. 

I'd also love to hear yours - if you want to tweet me or comment below! 
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