RUB Smokehouse: American Food

It was a cold winter night - with an abundance of winter movies watched and chocolates eaten - myself and my fiancée decided to head out for some fresh air and different food to turkey.

Luckily, we live in the center of Nottingham and so often hear about all of these amazing restaurants. May I introduce RUB smokehouse and bar.

Specialising in America food and located in the Lace Market area of Nottingham, similar to our much loved Annies Burger Shack, RUB smokehouse and bar has something for everyone.

From milk floats to pull pork to BBQ ribs - the menu is actually pretty good value for money in my option - especially the 'Happytizers'. Check out their full menu here.

But, starting with the all american ales - from Blue Moon to Brooklyn Beers - we opted for the £6:95 taster drinks and chose 3 American ales at random. 

Next up was the food. I opted for a classic New Orleans dish of shrimp PoBoy with fries (£8:95) and a corn dog to share (£2:95). Whilst my fiancé opted for a brisket burger with gravy and fries (£9:95). 

Now, it's very difficult to have a PoBoy as good as you would eat in New Orleans. But if I had to mark this on a scale of 1-10, 10 being just like a New Orleans PoBoy, then I'd have to give it a strong 7.


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Overall, the food and service was pretty good. If you're looking for kooky all american food, then RUB smokehouse is your place. You can check out their Trip Advisor reviews above. 
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