Let There Be Meat: Reds BBQ Opening Night

In case you guys haven't seen on my Instagram, I recently went to the opening night of Reds True BBQ in Nottingham and I have to say, I think I have found a new favourite place to eat.

Located on Kings Street, just off the main Market Square, Reds has taken the place of the old music store FOPP and embarked on a £1,000,000+ revamp to recreate it's deep south inspired roots.

When entering the restaurant, you are instantly greeted by the smell of smoked wood and mouthwatering meats. The next thing you then notice are the vibrant neon light installments situated through out the place.

Walking through, I couldn't help but stop and gaze at these to see what they were. Then I spotted it, the scary clown - AGH! This freaky guy - the clown, not Gaz hehe - is located outside the tattoo area which is a dedicated area for private hire. You can also stock a huge private fridge with chilled beers and wine.

Stopping by the open plan kitchen on our way to the table, we were informed that Reds imported two 500lb slow meat cookers - which use different woods every week - to cook their meats for over 6 hours at a time. That's 1000lbs worth of meat - sweet baby Jesus.

Located either side of the kitchens were huge wood logs and bags of coal, which the head chef informed us, would be a rich oak wood for the night's meat.

Now to the good stuff...the grub.

We were allocated a seat in the shed and started off browsing through the selection of soft and alcoholic drinks. Here you can pick up a range of American craft beers from around £4 - £7 per pint, whilst soft drinks come in at around £2 - £3.

For our starter, we were given a sample platter of chicken wings, pork burnt ends (which sounds wrong but is amazing) - like a crispy pulled pork. Bacon wrapped in jalapenos and mac and cheese balls - which I wish I could describe how amazing these were. You just need to try them!

Choosing the mains was a little bit more difficult. Reds offer so many meat options, it is insane.You can take a look at their full menu here, but I opted for the Memphis Dry St Louis Ribs with a BBQ corn on the cob. Whilst Gaz went for a Pitt Burger with regular fries.

Served up on simple silver trays with lemon wipes and napkins, when the food arrived we couldn't believe our eyes. The Pitt burger was pure steak that was piled on top of itself, layer after meaty layer, Gaz informed me that this was by far the best he has ever eaten (even if he did have to put it into two halves to eat it). 

Next up were my ribs and all I can really say is...WOW! Soft, tender and smoked meaty goodness - I ordered the half a rack at £14:95 and I couldn't finish it all. But on the plus side, Reds do provide doggy boxes for you to take home.

With very full tummies, we made our way back through the winter weather to take a little nap after indulging in some seriously epic meats.

Reds is just another fantastic restaurant that Nottingham can add to their list. If live here or are just visiting, I highly recommend this delightful southern comfort food. 
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