Beautiful doors from around the world

At the moment, I feel like I am obsessed with doors - or maybe this is just an obsession that I have always had? - who knows! But when looking through the photos from my travel adventures, I'll always stumble across a good door picture.

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In all honesty, I think that it's the notion of a door being an insight into someone's culture and way of life - it intrigues me and is something that I always love to learn about - how about you? Am I one big door weirdo or - like me - do you geek out at the idea of a beautiful door?

Anyway, if you do like this kind of thing, then I thought I would share a few of my personal favourites or you can take a peek at my Pinterest board for more door love.

The Sea Door. Taken at the Druidstone a fantastic pub in Wales overlooking the beautiful Welsh coast line on what was a fantastic day.
Moscow, Russia!!! Bebe'!!! Beautiful colorful jars surround the rustic doors!!!

South Door, St.Mary's Church, Meare, Somerset.    These doors are supported by some of the finest medieval door hinges in the country dating from 1323.
Mint tea  . . . pomegranate salad . . . a roof top terrace . . . the late afternoon sun . . . Morrocco
Portugal is a beautiful country with some very cultural places to visit from Fatima, Cascais  and of course the capital, Lisbon. This brightly colours archway has culture, art and creativity all in one - found in Sintra, another beautiful down on the hills of Portugal #Portugal #Sintra #archway
Story through pictures on a door in India. There are also  two sacred cows on the facade above the doors in recognition of entry blessings for those who enter.

Travels Spot: Bougainvilleas at the door in Alonissos, Greece
#Doors from around the world ideas for your renovation project - Dordogne, France

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