Yummy, natural curry at Tamatanga

Having travelled the world an sampled different types of food, I have to say that curry is probably one of my favourite dishes. From a Thai Green to Tikka Masala - there is so much choice and adaption to tastes by the different cultures who serve it as a dish.

So, when me and my fiance were deciding where to go to celebrate our engagement anniversary [a year ago he asked me to marry him on Caye Calker in Belize], we opted for a new [or at least to us] Indian Restaurant located in Corner House in Nottingham. 

Greeted by beautiful dark woods and a modern twist on Indian decor, we didn't know that everything at the Tamatanga restaurant was all made from scratch and so that's why the food is delivered "when it's been freshly cooked and good to go."

To start with we opted for the onion bhajis and poppadoms to share and a big bottle of Cobra beer to wash it down. The poppadoms also came with a series of sauces and they make an amazing fresh mint and [I think] onion sauce - which I could not get enough of. Sorry Mango Chutney - you're outta there. 

For our mains we both ordered the chicken tikka masala - which comes with rice or naan bread. Personally, if you love both, I'd opt for the rice and order to naan to share as you get two pieces of this. 

Tucking into my tikka, I soon became pretty stuffed from all the food that was served. When the waitress gave us a dessert menu - as yummy as it looked - I had to decline. 

In total the bill came to £45 with tip which included 2 large beers, poppadoms, naan bread and two curry bowls with rice. Not to bad and definitely a place that I would visit again. 
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