Italian Markets in Cuneo

Whilst driving about on the #ETLRoadTrip we were able to experience some of the local events and goings on. 

As most of you know, I am a sucker for a good old fashioned market place. So, when we stopped off in the Italian town of Cuneo, I was pretty excited to here about their local market. 

Popping up every Tuesday morning from 7:30am, the local people of Cuneo head to the beautiful Galinberti Square to pick up their weekly produce and must-haves. 

I was in awe at the amount of flower stalls that were located throughout the market stalls. With all of my wedding planning happening at the moment, I was in my absolute element. 

As we ventured further into the markets, we also came across so many amazing homemade cheese, pasta and meat stalls. Not to mention at abudance of fresh fruit and vegtable stalls. 

All in all, a must-see visit if you're staying in the cute little town of Cuneo. 
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