#ETLRoadTrip: UK to Switzerland

Saturday: Leaving England 
Waking up like a kid on Christmas morning, I jumped out of bed and into the shower, ready to start our family road trip through out Europe. As most of you have read about our route - you will know that the first day is all about taking the over night ferry from Hull to Brusells - which I was slightly dreading as I get a bit see sick.

Getting the cars and luggage ready, we left our little home and made our way to the ferry port in Hull. 

Travelling overnight with P&O ferries was not actually as bad as I anticipated. I actually purchased some travel sickness bands from Amazon and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. These may not work for everyone, but they definitely helped me. 

After arriving in the port of Zee Brugge at 9:30am, we began to make our road trip through Belgium and crossing into France. 

Whilst going through this route we also hit 2 toll road fees which were €15 and €31 - which is something to consider when taking this route. 

Finally approaching the Swiss-Alpes, the drive in total took around 8-9 hours. We also stopped off for a refuel and lunch for an hour which included within this journey time. 

Next stop...Lake Geneva and Italy

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