#ETLRoadTrip: Switzerland to Italy

After a long day of driving (over 10 hours) we rested up on the beautiful Lake Geneva and stayed at a wonderful hotel called La Rivage. 

Our room had a lake view and it certainly didn't disappoint when we woke up in the morning. 

After breakfast, we began to pack up the cars and leave behind the stunning Lake Geneva. Today we were travelling through some of the mountain roads of the Swiss Alpes and over to Italy to stay in a little town called Cuneo.

But before we began our journey for the day, we decided to take a stroll around the beautiful lake and take in the sights. 

At 9:30am, we refuelled the cars and began our adventures into the mountains.

Driving down the beautiful open roads, we could see nothing but blue skies, green fields and snow topped mountains. We even drove by a natural waterfall within the rocks - which was pretty epic.

Continuing in through beautiful towns and skiing villages of Switzerland, we also made our way up into the mountains and into the Mont Blanc tunnel which was pretty amazing (this cost €42 to cross over).

Coming out the other side and driving into Italy, we decided to make a stop off for lunch at a local service station. 

Ironically, they had a selection of pizza slices available from €3-€6 Euro. We opted for the hot dog pizza for €5. Sounds horrible, but was actually pretty good. 

From here we wanted to follow the petite St. Bernard's pass. But due to the heavy fog levels, we decided to take the auto route into Cuneo. 

Arriving at the hotel, Best Western, we were amazed at what we found in our rooms. Beautiful chandeliers and giant bathrooms - this was one of the best hotels I had ever stayed in. 

Next stop, Italy to Monaco.

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