Travel Tips: A Guide to Water When Travelling

This is an unusual post for me, as I'm not really the type of person who shares infographics, as they tend to be a little bit...well, vanilla. But when I was asked to share this, I couldn't not. Water. An essential part to every day life, never mind a travel adventure. Which is why it is so important to understand when and where it is OK to drink from a tap when travelling.

When travelling around Mexico, myself and my fiancée become bed ridden for 5 days after being given local water in Mexico City. We were so careful everywhere we went and specifically asked for no ice wherever we ate/drank. But somehow, we still go sick.

I wanted to let fellow travellers and readers of my blog know where is safe to drink tap water around the world. Also, if you're ever unsure on if you can drink the water then I'd suggest taking some water purification tablets with you - Amazon sell these for a reasonable price.

A travellers guide to tap water

A Traveller’s Guide To Tap Water

A Traveller’s Guide To Tap Water [Infographic] by the team at Neo Mammalian Studios

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