Mouthwatering Goodness at MeatLIQUOR | London

On a recent trip to London to see one of my best friends, Tim, we decided to pay a visit to the mouthwatering (and slightly dark restaurant) of MeatLIQUOR.

This is a no fuss, hands on approach style restaurant, located behind House of Fraser just off Oxford Street that serves up a range of home comfort American style food.

When arriving at the restaurant, we were greated by a very friendly hostess who informed us that the wait would be 25-30 minutes before we could get our table for two.

Note: If you're booking in a group over four people, I would seriously recommend booking in advance as you may be waiting for a while.

For us this wasn't a problem though, as we headed to the bar to soak up the (warm) atmosphere and choose from a selection of American beers. We opted for a refreshing Bud Light (£3.20 each) and relaxed at the bar until our table was ready.

The Atmosphere 

If you have ever been to an American dive style bar before, then you will see lots of similarities in this place - but it also has a pop punk twist.

The Grub

The menu has so much to choose from but we decided to go all out and order a burger each, home made slaw, fries and chicken wings (sweet lord - the chicken wings are the best wings I have ever tasted). Prepare to drool...

One thing I loved about this restaurant is that the food comes all on one big tray and you just tuck right in. Our bill came to around £30 in total, for ALL this food. We were well and truly stuffed and will without a doubt be returning to the marvellous MeatLIQUOR. 

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