8 Amazing Travel Apps

Travel Apps. A topic that I am aware has been talked about numerous times within the travel industry. But when reminiscing about my American adventure last summer, I started thinking about how helpful a handful of apps were in different situations.


As much as I love to travel, I also love to stay in contact with my loved ones; and so these are my key apps to have when venturing out and about.


Images: Viber


Image: Mactrast


Image:  Whatsapp

Transport and Accommodation

It's important to be able to book and move as quickly or as slowly as you want when travelling. But, rather than spending hours searching the internet for a next cheapest flight or accommodation, get yourself these discounted/price comparison apps.


Image: Travel Weekly

Hostel Bookers

Image: Hostel Bookers

Tips and Advice

These two apps were life savers on all my travel adventures. They were able to give me the information that I needed / wanted on an area, location or price. Although, when it comes to things like Trip Advisor, I would say to use this as a very rough overview. Sometimes, people are quicker to right about the negative things that happen to them, than the positive. 

Trip Advisor

Image: Tourism ESchool

XE Currency

Image:  Mashable

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