Travel Love: Lifedge Waterproof Phone Cases

I first experienced a' life proof' style phone cases when staying with one of our good friends in Orlando. He threw his phone and giant rubber ring into one of the Florida springs that we went to visit for the day. At first, I thought he had accidentally threw his phone into the river, but it turns out he had a durable phone case that could be used in snow, water and rough terrain. As an outdoor adventurer, this type of product was perfect for him and his job (which involves a lot of outdoor climbing through trees, cliffs etc). 

Since then I was hooked. I loved the idea of using my phone in all weather conditions and on all types of travel adventures - safe in the knowledge that no matter how many times I drop or get it wet (within limits) it will be safe. 

So when I received a parcel through my door with a Lifedge* waterproof iPhone case, it's safe to say I got a little bit excited - especially as I've got a number of adventures in the pipe line that this would be perfect for! Until then, I wanted to share with you some of the key features to these brilliant cases.

The Lifedge cases are available in a range of colours Arcus (grey), Omugi (auqa), Basalt (black) and Juniper (green). I opted for the Limited Edition Omugi that was inspired by technical running apparel and named after the Tarahumara running tribe. 

From sailing to camping to snowboarding, Lifedge don’t just provide waterproof iPhone cases, they also offer a range of cases for your iPad so that you can capture all those moments on a range of mobile devices.

Here’s a little more info on the type of spec you can expect. 

Image Lifedge

If that isn't enough info for you, then check out this clever little video that shows you all the amazing things that you can do with your Lifedge waterproof phone case.
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