Welcome to a Secret Garden | Isabella Plantation

Whilst out and about in London, visiting numerous friends and family, we decided to take a trip to Richmond Park and walk around the Isabella Plantation. (Which is a free park/walk)

Recommended to us by my fiancées grandparents - you may think this a little boring - but if you love bright and exotic plants/flowers/birds, then this is a beautiful place to visit within the park. It felt like something out of the movie/book, the Secret Garden. 

We came to visit a little bit out of season, but if you head here in the months of April/May, you will see an array of colourful flowers sitting next to beautiful streams, ponds and lakes. 

We also walked a little further around Richmond Park and found a herd of wild deer and beautiful woodlands to walk through. 

(This doesn't look that high, but the grass was very long and my legs are very little)

For more information on visiting Richmond Park or the Isabella Plantation, then click here.
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