24 Hours in Paris

Paris is - without a doubt - one of my favourite places to visit in the whole wide world. From amazing artwork to spectacular food to inspiring architecture, this is certainly a city to suit a variety of needs.

Image: iD Bus Facebook Page
Accessing this wonderful city is something that can also be done to suit all budgets and needs - from taking an iD Bus from London to Paris* or jumping on a plane and flying to the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Then there's the accommodation factor, do you want a budget hostel or Parisian luxury - this something that you can choose to dial up or dial down at any point of your planning process.

Images: www.parisescapes.com
Personally, I think that three-four days is the perfect amount of time to spend in the wonderful city. However, if you are a little stretched for time. I want to show you my highlights to Paris and how to do it within 24 hours. The first thing you will need is a metro map and a day pass card (more info here) so that you are able to get around quickly to each destination.

Morning: Climbing Notre Dame Cathedral 

Not only is Notre Damn, one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen, you can also walk up to the top of it. After climbing through the (endless) spiral stair cases and ducking through the humongous bells, you finally come out onto the roof top balcony to look out onto the city of Paris and across the river Siene. 

All that walking should work up an appetite for a lunch time pit stop. The majority of restaurants in Paris are pretty epic, but make sure you stop off for a croque monsieur, followed by a yummy creme brulee.

Afternoon: Tour Eiffel 

Watch the sun set (depending on the time you get there) over the beautiful city of Paris by climbing the iconic Tour de Eiffel. You can save time by pre-booking your tickets here.

Evening: Montmartre for dinner and dancing

If you love the idea of dinner, dancing and the Moulin Rouge, then Monmartre is your place to go. We found a brilliant French restaurant - that from 6pm-8pm gave a 3 course dinner option for 30 euros and the food was out of this world. Starting with pate, which then moved onto a poached salmon, followed by a (addictive) creme brulee, for dessert. 

So there you have it, my 24 hours in Paris. I'd love to hear your perfect 24 hours in this epic city. 
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