Wedding Tips: Will you be my Bridesmaid Invites?

So! We've found the wedding venue and now the serious planning starts. Now, this isn't my usually kind of post but I thought it too cute not to share with everyone.

For me, as I'm sure with most brides, my bridesmaids / maid of honour are like the sisters I never had. They are my world - over the the years we've lived together, cried together and travelled together to a number of places.

Therefore, I wanted to make the occasion of asking them to be my bridesmaids / maid of honour a meaningful event and so I decided to make these little keep sakes for them. 

In total I will have four bridesmaids and a maid of honour (the beautiful inthefrow).

Starting with 5 jam jars and 5 luggage tags (a popular theme throughout my wedding...of course) I decided to fill them full of silly love heart and tutti fruity sweets. 

Next up, I added little messages on the front and back of the luggage tags. One side had their names and the other side asked for them to be apart of my special day. 

Overall, this didn't cost a lot of money to do. In fact, I popped into my local Wilko store to purchase the sweets, mini jam jars, luggage tags and gel pens. The total cost came to around £10. 
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