5 TV Shows to Watch Whilst Travelling

From 19 hour bus journeys in Central America to long haul flights to New Zealand; when taking part in any travel adventure a key thing on my packing to-do list is to make sure I have some good TV series to watch.

So when the guys at Mecca Bingo* challenged me to make a list of my ultimate TV shows, I knew it would be a no-brainer.  Re-runs or a hit new show, I like to create a balance in what I watch when I have some down time on a bus, train, boat or plane.

Breaking Bad 

I began watching Breaking Bad whilst travelling around America and finished it off on my return to the UK.

Well... What can we say about the suspense ridden adventures of teacher and cancer patient Walter White and his drug addict ex student Jessie Pinkman. This 5 series drama is perfect if your in the mood for a dark and thrilling TV series. 

Sex and the City

I have watched this series on long communities and all around Australia. Using the breathtaking NYC as their backdrop, Sex and the City hosts the perfect balance of girl friendship, amazing fashion and the every day dramas of a woman's life. 

If you're missing your besties when travelling, then you can immerse yourself in these four single ladies world. Just avoid the films - they are no where near as good. 

American Office

For (few) times that you start to get withdrawal symptoms from the from the 9-5 world and the hustle and bustle of the 'office environment, then tune into the award winning American Office.

This mock-umentary zones in on all the characters you will find in any office work place and the - hilarious - every day situations they get themselves into.

Happy Endings

Think Friends but 20 years later, this sit-com follows the lives of six 20 something people as they go about their every day lives in Chicago.

I watched the whole three series of this whilst travelling around Chicago, which made me love it a little bit more. They are short 30 minute episodes and perfect to watch whilst waiting for your bus or flight. I'm not going to lie - I was gutted when ABC cancelled it after three seasons - boo!

Game of Thrones

Based on the exceptionally detailed and very graphic books, Game of Thrones is a perfect escape into a world of mythical creatives, endless gore and a lot of boobs. 

Currently within their fourth season and with each episode lasting around 45-50minutes - you left in anticipation and wanting more at the end if each one.

So what are your must-see TV shows when travelling? I'm running out of ones to watch - so please feel free to tweet me @eattravellove.
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